The Results Of Saying “Pick Whatever You Want” Leads To Hilarious Shower Curtains

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, most people find that they don’t care too much what something looks like. The bathroom, much like the kitchen, is one of the most functional and lived-in rooms of the house…so if it looks a little chaotic, people don’t tend to mind. Items get left out on the counters and items often don’t match as towels with all sorts of design get accumulated over the years.

So, when one person says to the other, “it doesn’t matter, you can choose the shower curtain,” things like this might happen. Usually, they somehow involve cats.
If you have to use the room several times a day, why shouldn’t it make you laugh just a bit? How many times would you have to look at that little kitten in space before it stopped being funny? (Trick question. The answer is ‘never.)Some people take it to the extreme. Some are still in college. Others are single and don’t need to compromise with a partner. Most just want a good laugh! If you walked into someone’s bathroom during a dinner party and one of these shower curtains was hanging on the rod, wouldn’t it make you like them just a little bit more? We think so.

The quirky sides of humanity seem to make just about everyone laugh…especially when it comes to cats in space!

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