The Reason This Veteran Is SELLING His Medals Is Heartwarming

He earned these medals while serving in the Iraq War as a Royal Marine, but now, he’s selling them to the highest bidder for one reason that has a lot of people in awe. After reading about little Lottie, a young girl who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2, he knew that he needed to do whatever he could to help her.

The medals, he said, were just sitting in his drawer at home. He’d been awarded them for the sacrifices he had made during his time in the war, but if it meant he could help to save her life, he was happy to do it.After surviving chemotherapy and an operation to remove most of her tumor, Lottie still had cancerous cells in her body. Her chances of survival were low, and the chances of the cancer returning were high…but there was a vaccine treatment overseas that would actually prevent the cancer from returning.

The only problem? It was in the United States, and they needed to come up with $200,000 immediately.
He contacted the girl’s family and explained what he wanted to do. The proceeds from his medals being sold would go towards the staggering costs of the girl’s treatment, and her family was stunned.

He hopes to help the family reach their goal quickly and give Lottie a fighting chance.

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