The Reason This Man Was Giving Away Flowers Is Just Too Beautiful

She had never seen this man before that day, but after she realized what he was up to, she’ll never forget him! The impact he made on their community that day has spread farther than anyone could have predicted, and the reasons behind his pop-up shop are incredible.

His sign was getting a lot of attention:



Heather Warthen stopped to ask about his easel and to grab her three free flowers. She asked him why he was giving them away instead of selling them, and his answer stunned her.

These gorgeous flowers grow in his backyard, but all too often, they would bloom and die without anyone having seen them. He began giving them away to share their beauty. Hospitals, churches, and nursing homes are given the bulk of the flowers he grows, but he had so many left that he decided to just give them away on the side of the road.

I want someone else to give it away and have that same feeling,” he told her.

She took a few pictures and decided to share his actions with her friends and family on Facebook…but it turned out that many people recognized him! They were quick to point out that this behavior from the man called Rich was entirely normal, and he deserved every ounce of praise that he was getting!

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