The Reason This Elderly Man Built A Pool Will Have You In TEARS!

Keith Davison had been spending most of his time lonely, sad, and at sometimes, simply spending his afternoon in tears. After losing his wife to cancer in 2016, every day was quieter than the last until finally, the 94-year-old just couldn’t stand it for another moment. He had to do something, or he was fairly certain that he might lose his mind.

The retired judge found himself with too much free time and not enough to fill it. He’d been married to his wife for over six decades. After 66 years of marriage, he was struggling to find a way to move on. He couldn’t begin to explain how it felt to lose such a large part of his life and admits that he spent a lot of time just crying.

But he wanted to change all that. He decided to do something for his community. The small town didn’t have a public pool, and he knew that if he offered up the option, the families in the neighborhood would probably love a way to beat the heat over the summer!

He built a 9-feet-deep pool, complete with a diving board, and invited the neighbors.

Several of the moms in the neighborhood come every day with their children and joke that he’s accidentally adopted a whole new set of grandchildren! He doesn’t swim with the families, but the happy sounds and commotion helps him to pass his days in peace.

He uses the pool after they’ve all gone, but knowing that he’s made the neighborhood a happier place helps him to cope with the loss of his wife, and the neighbors love him for his generosity!

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