The Reason This Bakery Refused To Charge For These Donuts Is MELTING Hearts!

Lindsey Allen placed an order at her local Publix for 20 donuts to be decorated with blue icing and to have the number “054” written in black. The sentiment isn’t clear to anyone who wasn’t familiar with the town, but once people began to learn the significance of the colors and numbers, they couldn’t hold back their emotions.

Coweta County lost an officer that week, and when Lindsey called in the order, the workers at Publix listened to her request with heavy hearts. Badge number 054 lost a battle to cancer, and everyone in town was feeling the loss.

Lindsey knew that the other officers would be in for a rough day. The memorial service was being held later that day, but she knew that she had to do something to try and make it easier on the other officers. 9-27a1When she picked up her order, she saw the bold, red letters saying ‘no charge,’ and was deeply moved by the donation.

They’re on the house. Send our condolences.”

With everything the officers deal with on a daily basis, stopping for a moment to pay their respects might be just a little bit easy when they see these donuts.

Some people have said that eating a donut with a deceased officer’s badge number seemed a strange way to honor him, but many more think it was the gesture that counted more than the actual donuts themselves. What do you think of this story?


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