The Reason This Adorable Puppy Is In A Purse Will Melt Your Heart!

This cute little puppy snout belongs to a dog named Lil Fee. Most hospitals have a very strict “no animals” policy, but on this day, nurses worked with a patient’s family to sneak Lil Fee into a dying man’s hospital room in order to give him a chance to say a final farewell to his favorite dog.

It all began when her grandfather’s battle with cancer was coming to an end. He’d been strong, fighting for years…but he knew that his time was running out, and in the wake of the realization, everyone wanted to help him tie up as many loose ends as he could. One of the things he needed to do was to say goodbye to his beloved dog, Lil Fee. During their time together, Lil Fee had gone everywhere that her favorite human had gone. Anywhere that he could get away with bringing the tiny dog, he did. He spent a lot of his days walking her and playing with her, but while he was in the hospital, she wasn’t allowed in. To help him, his wife brought in pictures of Lil Fee to hang up around the room, but it just wasn’t the same.

However, during his week-long stay, the nurses heard him constantly talking about his precious dog, and when he didn’t have much time left, they worked together with his family to do something incredible!They conspired with his sister, who snuggled Lil Fee into her large bag and brought the pup into his room. Even though he was incredibly weak, he found the strength to move his arm in order to try and pet his favorite dog.

He passed away shortly after, but thanks to the cooperation of everyone, he was able to say goodbye to everyone who mattered to him – including his loyal dog!

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