The Reason These Hawkeye Fans Stopped To Wave Will Absolutely Warm Your Heart!

Dressed in black and gold, 75,000 Hawkeye fans in Iowa stopped after pouring into the stadium to turn around and wave.

The hospital was built in such a way that it was able to overlook the Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa, and officials had an idea that they hoped would be a hit.

It’s time to start a new tradition!” The stadium’s announcer blared over the speakers, catching the attention of stunned fans.

They were made aware that the children’s hospital had windows overlooking the playing field and that children being treated were watching the game too! When all of those people realized what was happening, they began to wave and cheer with as much enthusiasm as they could muster!They clapped and cheered as loudly as possible, making the days of all of the children who witnessed it. The new tradition was a hit, and fans are excited to continue it for decades to come!

It may seem like a very small gesture, but the meaning behind it gives those children hope during their recoveries, and sometimes, that hope is enough to get them through even the most difficult of times! One thing is for sure – those kids will never forget getting a wave from 75,000 people!

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