The Reason She Snapped This Picture In Walmart Is Too Heartwarming

On a rather aggravating shopping trip, Meghann spotted something that instantly lifted her spirits. She needed to drive to another city in order to pick up a specific prescription from their local Walmart, but after spotting this employee walking closely with an older gentleman, she couldn’t help but share it with her friends and family. As others realized what they were looking at, they shared it too!

I’ve been trying to place the right words into this post for a little while now. Yesterday afternoon, I had to go to Biloxi Walmart to pick up a prescription. While in there I noticed a store associate and an elderly blind man walking hand in hand.”

She escorted him throughout the store. With all the hate in the world she gave love. Without the man seeing her, she showed him pure compassion and love. Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Many retail employees commented on her post, stating that they were happy to see the “good” parts of their jobs praised. Not many employees are allowed to assist customers so closely, with management usually spreading their employees too thin with the responsibilities assigned in a single shift. When they do get a chance, however, many said that they would have gladly helped this man. Others pointed out that assisting customers with disabilities is the law, but that nowhere in the law does it say the employee must go the extra mile by being kind!

What do you think of her experience?

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