The Reason She Gave Them A Job Without A Proper Interview? Shocking.

This was not the first time the these four boys had approached Zsa Zsa Heard looking for a job, but until she asked them why they wanted to work for her so badly, she had never understood why. Heard is the CEO for a housing authority and always has her eyes and ears open for job opportunities. They had been in and out of her office several times already, and always replied with “we just want a little extra bucks for the summer.”

But this time, they told her that the local gangs had been approaching them and pressuring them to join in on their illegal activities. She was stunned that grown men would be approaching the boys because they were only 13 and 14.

She hired all four of them on the spot and began finding odd jobs for them to do around the community. They learned basic carpentry skills, work in the community garden picking vegetables, tending the community chicken coop, passing out mail, and they do it all with happy hearts. Whatever needs doing, they get it done.8.1a14The boys are even finding that one of the boys has come to love working in the garden and tending the chickens. He is planning to pursue a career working with livestock because of it – a chance he wouldn’t have had if Heard had turned the boys away.

Because of their social media spotlight, the boys’ teachers have reached out to Heard to express their gratitude. The boys are good kids, and this is an incredible opportunity for them.

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