The Reason For This Little Puppy’s Smile Is Going VIRAL!

What do you grab first when your house is on fire? Many people choose to keep their most important documents in a fire-proof safe just in case their home catches on fire while they are away. But what about your pets? If you don’t have a doggy-door, how will your pets escape the flames? This is the reason that most people keep their animals outside when they are at work. (That, and they don’t want to come home to dismantled pillows and a plundered trashcan.)

The Baltimore County Fire Department were called out when neighbors spotted smoke coming out of some nearby apartments. Unfortunately, this family hadn’t made any precautions for their family pet in case of a house fire. Thankfully, the fire fighters were there to save the day!


They gave the pooch some water and fresh air…but what made them stop and take pictures was the expression on this little guy’s face! His sweet smile had all of the guys coming around to say hello and give the little puppy a nice scratch between the ears.


They were able to quickly get the first under control and save this dog in the process!


What will your pets do in case of a fire? Are they able to leave the house, or if you live in apartments, does a neighbor know that your animals will need help? It’s an important thing to think about. In this case, the little dog was saved, and he never lost his smile! 🙂

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