The Reason For His HUGE Smile Will Absolutely Make Your Day!

Informally dubbed the “ridiculously photogenic firefighter,” Shawn Wiebe has been making headlines with this adorable story. While working to rescue people trapped by the floodwaters in High River, Alberta, he came across this small, elderly woman. A reporter was snapping photos when he saw the woman lean in and whisper something in this man’s ear…which caused him to burst into laughter! He couldn’t contain it and smiled all the way back to safety, making sure that the woman never got water in her boots.

I haven’t been carried like this since my wedding day!” She confided in the man! How cute is this picture?


Wiebe says that the firefighters back at his station just wouldn’t let it go! He’ll probably be hearing about it for the next year…or until something else happens to the rest of them! They’ve been calling him “super hero” and “rock star” since the photo went viral on social media!

He claims to be motivated from all of the attention he’s been getting. Knowing that he is inspiring others to help out more in their own communities and that his hard work is paying off is helping him to keep going. Even though the job gets tough at times, it is moments like this that help these men get through their treacherous and dangerous jobs every single day.

Within hours, a grocery store was flooded and trapped shoppers inside. The currents were very strong, he said. He just wanted everyone in that area to stay safe and stay vigilant.

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