The Reason Behind These Painted Rocks At An Elementary School Has A LOT Of Parents Talking

At Sharon Elementary in Indiana, parents have been sharing this picture with everyone they know. Their students were tasked to read the book titled “Only One You”, and asked to design and paint a large rock inspired by the book’s message.

Each child took the task seriously, choosing colors that they liked best and designs that represented the beauty that they wanted to bring into the world. By working together, they could make a difference.

In this case, they all worked together to create something beautiful.

The colorful walkway decorated with bright stones lines the front entrance to the school, which students pass every day and parents see when they take their children to and from school.Many parents hope that the school will continue with the tradition for years to come. Each year, students can add more stones, and eventually, the entire school would be filled with beauty and color!

The visual representation of what can happen when everyone does their part is a powerful lesson, especially for young children, and parents are very proud of this school’s art department for pulling it off. The children will remember this lesson for decades to come, and one day, they may end up changing the world for the better.

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