The REAL Moments EXPOSED When A Family Meets Their Adopted Baby For The FIRST Time!

Kristen is a photographer. She focuses on weddings, family events, and special occasions…but rarely has she had the opportunity to photograph such an incredible moment! Her best friend had been wanting to adopt a baby with her husband for a long time. When they received the call that a baby would be available for adoption, they jumped at the chance to have the entire event captured in photographs.

In the same way that a woman would take a picture with her newborn and share it with family and friends, so would this lovely couple when they finally held their new child in their arms.


This post went VIRAL – because mothers who had adopted children and mothers who had given children up for adoption could relate so well to this precious moment.

While waiting for their flight, you can see their nervous anticipation! They would be bringing home a newborn baby girl very soon!


While they were waiting for their child, this photograph was taken. It is so incredibly powerful. They aren’t distracted by their phones or other people. They are waiting in anticipation, wondering if everything is going smoothly, unsure if there has been some sort of horrible mix-up that would mean they had to leave the hospital empty-handed. The future in this moment was uncertain, and it can be felt with this one picture.


And then the moment they had been waiting for arrived! Their precious baby was perfect! She was so tiny, so innocent, and just ready to receive all the love that these new parents had to offer! They didn’t realize that she would be so small. They finally had a baby of their own!


When they held her for the first time, the relief, joy, and anticipation mixed into one, un-namable emotion. Happiness, excitement, and a sense of completeness washed over them in a breath-taking moment captured forever on film. Their first moments as a family will be treasured always with these incredible snapshots!


What an honor to be able to witness this moment. No wonder these pictures have been shared so many times! Their lives ended and began on that day – and they wouldn’t have changed a single moment of it for anything!

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