The Postmaster In This Small Town Traveled 300 Miles OVERNIGHT To Deliver A Passport On Time!

David Shepherd is the 26-year-old postmaster in Stratton, a small town in England. When the passport of Hugh Munro was delivered to his post office by a neighbor, he knew that it was an important package. However, after the collection time, he realized that he had forgotten to put the passport in the post! He knew that something urgent would need to be done.

Shepherd knew that Munro was heading to Amsterdam for a charity board meeting the next morning – it is a small town – and if he didn’t have his passport, he would miss everything.

After he closed his post office at 7pm, he drove 50 miles to the next town over and took four trains. One overnight train from 1am that arrived in London at 5:30am, and then hopped another train to catch the 6:40am train out of London to Ashford in Kent. The last train was from Ashford to Rye, where he hand-delivered the passport to Munro’s sister!

She was shocked to find that the man had traveled overnight to deliver the package.


After delivering the passport, he had only 15 minutes to catch a returning trip so that he could make it to work on time! The entire journey cost him over $200, but he knows that it was worth it to keep his customers happy and would gladly make the journey again…although he hopes that it never happens again. It was the right thing to do after his initial mistake, he admits.

Word has spread across the town, and Munro presented Shepherd with a nice bottle of champagne as a ‘thank you’ for his arduous journey.

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