The Only Pictures She Had Of Her Late Mother Were LOST When She Misplaced Her iPod

Arianna’s mother had only died seven months before, and the 11-year-old girl carried pictures of the woman everywhere that she went. Hundreds of pictures and messages from her late mother were kept on her iPod; snapchats, photos, conversations, comments, and screenshots helped her get through each day. But when Arianna realized that she had misplaced it, she was crushed.

Her mother, Janice, had passed away much too soon at the age of 47 after suffering a stroke. Arianna wanted to help raise money for the hospital that had cared for her mother for 3 weeks and signed up to run a mini-marathon alongside her aunts and other children from her school.

At some point during the day, she realized that she no longer had the iPod. The family retraced their steps but had no luck…until they got a phone call one week later. A local Subway found the iPod and tracked down their phone number. They had eaten there earlier on the day of the race and Arianna guesses that it must have slipped out of her pocket and fallen somewhere that the employees didn’t see.

The screen was cracked but the pictures and messages were still there!

Many people hoped that the family has since printed out the important pictures and saved them on a backup device for the future!

Arianna had given up after such a long time and was absolutely thrilled to have it back.

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