The One Hack To Cover Nail Holes In Your Walls That EVERYONE Should Know About!

This trick has been around for a while, but every now and then it resurfaces as a viral life hack because new homeowners have never had to deal with such a thing before. Every year, a new generation moves out on its own and faces the same problems, and a big one is leaving a place in exactly the same condition as you found it (to try and get that security deposit back!). This leaves some tenants afraid to hang pictures because of the hole a nail will make, but this super simple method will smooth over any hole in no time flat!

The reason that so many people choose toothpaste over spackle/paint is because it doesn’t rot, mold, or jostle out of place…plus, it is super cheap!

After many decades of trial and error, people around the country have concluded that plain white Colgate toothpaste is the best. The coloring matches the standard “apartment” color, and the consistency blends in perfectly with the surrounding wall. It is also “moldable” in case the wall has a raised texture. 9-15a11

The method is simple: apply a generous amount of paste into the hole and leave a glob on top. Wait for it to dry overnight. When it has hardened completely, you are able to scrape the excess paste off, leaving a perfectly sealed hole!

This hack has saved many tenants from having to pay for “damaged” walls due to nail holes, and it is easily painted over, too! Have you ever tried this trick?


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