The Officers Were Standing In the Snow All Day During A Funeral For A Fellow Officer…One Local Restaurant Did Something Incredible!

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to care for the others around us. We focus on our own schedules and what we need to accomplish before the day is over that paying attention to the people that aren’t directly involved in our lives becomes second-nature. Making an effort is a conscious decision, and this next story showcases exactly how wonderful it can be when people go out into their community with the sole purpose of making a difference in someone else’s day!

In this town, many officers were outside during the funeral of a fellow officer. It was snowing, it was cold, and some of the officers had been on their feet for hours at a time without many chances for a break. They’re chilled and hungry, but they can’t leave their posts easily. “It comes with the job” some of them might say, but this Chick-fil-A decided that there was more that they could do to help out!


This restaurant utilized several employees to make these deliveries, too! Dozens of officers were grateful for the thoughtful gesture. It not only helped to get them through the rest of their emotional and challenging day, but it helped to reassure them that they weren’t out there in vain. People appreciated the work that they put into the town, and people cared about the jobs that they did each and every day. What a touching story!

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