The Officer Who Bought Items For A Shoplifter Gets Unexpected News!

When Constable Jeyanesan was called in to deal with a shoplifter, he had no idea the chain of events he would set in place. The teen had been caught red-handed, trying to walk out of a Walmart with a strange collection of items: a dress shirt, black socks, and a tie. Jeyanesan knew that something deeper was happening and decided to get to the bottom of it all.

The teen, it turned out, was trying to prepare for an interview but didn’t have any nice clothing to wear. His family wasn’t able to help him, and so he turned to stealing as a last resort.

Jeyanesan wasn’t going to let it stand. He bought the clothes and brought the teen to the police station, where the boy’s father was waiting for them. They had a discussion and decided not to press any charges.After the teen’s interview, he called the officer that had changed his life and gave him the good news: he had gotten the job! Despite his mistake in trying to steal the clothing, the teen had learned his lesson and was able to move forward. His father, who was also out of work at the time, was able to get a job as well when a friend of Jeyanesan decided to help.

The family is now on the right track, and its all thanks to this kind Constable who decided to give a young teen a second chance.

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