The Officer Asks For Her License…The Trick She Pulls To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket Is Going VIRAL!

Being pulled over is one of the worst feelings out there. Usually, we know exactly why we’ve been stopped by an officer. We may have been speeding, neglected to get that tail light fixed, or ran a stop sign when we didn’t think anyone was looking. That siren is enough to make anyone’s heart start to race, and those flashing red and blue lights can strike fear into the hearts of even the most innocent of drivers. But some people are really good at thinking on their feet, and this is one attempt to get out of a ticket that I haven’t heard before!


Well, I have got to give her an applause for trying! I doubt that this actually worked since police have a tendency to stick together, but this is surely one of the more clever attempts to weasel out of a fine that I have ever heard! I would not have thought to try something like this. Although that is mostly due to the fact that have have the world’s worst poker face. I would never chance trying to get away with this sneaky trick, but I really loved her dedication to this charade! Too funny!

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