The New Wedding Dress Trend Is Stunning. Dip-Dyed Gowns Are IN!

Brides are constantly looking to create new and stunning designs on their weddings days. From geode cakes to breaking tradition, brides won’t stop until they have create their dream event, and we are loving every minute of it!

The idea is simple: add a pop of color to the white dress. The usual method is to “dip” the bottom of a wedding dress into dye and slowly layer the color on until an ombre effect has been achieved. Using multiple colors or different shades of one color, brides are letting their creativity flow in truly stunning fashion.
9-9a2This gown was airbrushed with the same idea in mind. The dye was misted onto the fabric in light layers, slowly getting darker as the colors shifted into a deep purple. She then sewed on dark purple and blue lace flowers to the bottom of her gown. She dyed her hair and created a bouquet to match each shade perfectly.9-9a1The layers of yellow in this dress followed the bride’s layers. The “outdoor” theme shines through in this gown.9-9a3Many of these dresses are done at home, and while brides are excited to try the methods out, others are cautioning them to practice on spare fabric first! Dip-dyeing a wedding gown needs to be precise. You only get one shot, and if you happen to make a mistake or leave the fabric in the dye for too long, you might end up with a design that you aren’t expecting.


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