The Neighbors Pitched In To Throw A BLOCK Wedding Party For The Sweetest Reason!

This residential street in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, were “more like family than simply people living next door to one another.” After dating for 8 years, Susie and Miles decided to tie the knot as quickly as possible. At 52, Susie’s mother had Alzheimer’s, and they wanted to get married while the older woman still had her wits.

But instead of rushing to find a venue and plan a huge wedding…they decided to get married on her parent’s front lawn instead. When Susie and Miles brought up the idea, it turned out that her father had already talked to a few of the neighbors about the idea and was thrilled with it.

8.23a17Neighbors began offering to help in any way that they could. No one had a problem with the plan, and people were offering their lawns, small business services, and time to make the wedding as smooth as possible.

One neighbor had grown up to be a professional DJ and managed the music at the wedding. Another decorated hundreds of mason jars for decorations. Another donated her hydrangeas from her garden as center pieces. 8.23a18One acted as videographer when her realized that Susie had only hired a photographer. Susie’s brother acted as the officiant. Neighbors opened their doors for bathroom breaks.

Although the cake was baked in a small bakery, one neighbor supplied flowers and fruits to glam up the cake!8.23a19But it was bittersweet. Her mother was in and out, and many times, Susie found herself needing to talk to her mother and cry and vent about the stresses of the day…but was unable to even though her mother was physically standing right in front of her. 8.23a20The memories created that day will help everyone through the harder times to come, but for now, Susie is grateful to her friends and family for their incredible generosity throughout her big day!


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