The Morning-After-Maids Will Clean Up Your Gross Party Trash…And Bring You BREAKFAST!

Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst know that the most annoying thing about a large party is the clean-up the next morning. Mountains of trash somehow accumulate within hours, and the cleaning process can take all day to sort out. When the hosts may be hungover or simply worn out, that’s when they come swooping in to the rescue!

These angels¬†know that the last thing tired party hosts want to deal with the aftermath, so for a fee, they will show up and make dreams come true.They update their social media with some of their most impressive cleaning projects. These clients had a busy night and needed breakfast and help ASAP. They arrived with coffees, sodas, and dozens of breakfast sandwiches to cure any residual hangovers and got to work. The mess was cleaned in record time, and the residents were eternally grateful.These hosts may have bought off a little ore than they could chew with this party! Every bit of counter space was commandeered by empty cups, bottles, and trash. They brought plastic bins, industrial-sized garbage bags, and a sunny disposition. But hey, having a maid service on demand sounds like an awesome idea. The best part? Breakfast!They charge per party guest so that they can estimate how much cleaning supplies to bring along, and they offer a wide range of breakfast options from homemade organic platters to drive-thru spots. Hopefully they will become a high-demand service and be able to expand their business! It’s a clever idea and it goes a step farther than a traditional maid service.

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