The Mechanic Said That He Had Locked The Keys In The Car…When He Did THIS, No One Could Stop Laughing!!

Last week, I was rushing around my house looking for my phone. I was late, but I couldn’t leave without my phone because I needed to use the GPS to get to a side of town I wasn’t familiar with. I searched everywhere, and when I asked my husband if he knew where I might have left it, he gently reminded me (though snorts and laughter) that I was talking to him…on the phone. It happens! We’re too focused on fixing one problem at a time that we sometimes miss the obvious solutions to our problems!

And with that, I give you this story…


I’m sure after a few moments of silence, this poor (probably over worked) mechanic felt very silly! It made my day to read this story because it’s something that happens to everyone! Why do we do these silly things? I still feel ridiculous for things that happened years ago, but maybe it’s just something that increases with age. My mother’s most common issue is “losing” her reading glasses. 9 times out of 10, they are sitting on top of her head! Obviously the couple thought it was a funny enough story to tell their friends, and someone put it on the internet! Too hilarious! (And relatable…)

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