The Little Things He Did Every Morning Proved That He Loved His Wife Long After Her Death

“Actions speak louder than words” has never been more true for this family. He would have celebrated 41 years of marriage with the love of his life, but unfortunately, she was taken from him too soon. His daughter remembers the way that he kept her alive in his heart in the years following her passing, and the story is amazing.

I’ve never wondered if my dad loved my mama, it was easy to see, from the way he would dance with her in the kitchen to the way he tried to save her in the end. And when she died, he packed up what he wanted, got rid of what he didn’t and he moved out. And looking at that picture of him with his coffee can you’d never know that that’s all he has left of her. The last can of coffee she bought before she got sick, the last spoon she used to stir the coffee with. That’s what he kept, and he uses it every single day, when he runs out he puts his new coffee into the old can, never changes spoons. Because that’s how they always started their day was with coffee, and so each day he starts his day with my mama. On the 13th of April, my daddy and mama would have been married 41 years and no doubt the celebration would have started with coffee and ended with kitchen dancing had she been here. We can all hope to be loved so much that someday our legacy is as simple as an old coffee can and spoon, that we still mean so much to someone that their day still begins with us…”

The little things, the small actions that we make an effort to do each day…those are the things that matter. He could have saved her clothes or the knick knacks that they picked up on trips over the decades, but instead he kept something that he would be able to use day after day. He started his morning with her in his heart, and that “action” spoke louder than anything he could have said or written. That old coffee can and that same spoon were worth thousands of words.

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