The Latest Body Image “Challenge” Has To Do With The Size Of Your CELL PHONE!

The iPhone 6, to be more precise. (A few may be using the large iPhone 6 Plus.) For some reason, women are trying to prove their “beauty” by comparing themselves to inanimate objects, a disturbing trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. These women work out, restrict their diets, and have a very rigid idea of what it means to be beautiful.


The point of this challenge is to compare the width of their knees to their phones. If their legs are thin enough that their knees touch, it’s a sign of a desirable body type.3.31a16

This follows the trend of having a waist smaller than a piece of paper. Is it going too far? It seems like it.3.31a17

These standards are becoming more and more strange…but sadly, more common. There is a huge debate about whether or not these beauty standards are unhealthy. The women who fit the standards are proud of their small frames and gladly share the photos online. But does this, by omission, shame the ones who don’t share any photos? The verdict is split, but it doesn’t stop these trends from going viral.

How about this: stop comparing your body to inanimate objects! That sounds good.

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