The Kemah Police Department Had Something Important To Say To This Stranger…

Several officers of the Kemah Police Department were having lunch at a Salt Grass Steak House. They were deciding what to order, talking about their day, and confirming their choices with the wait staff…but they couldn’t help but notice a man quietly sitting alone.

Every now and then, they would catch the man looking at them, or looking in their general direction, but otherwise minded his own business. He was eating quietly and never bothered anyone.

The officers continued on with their meal, and when it came time to pay the check, their server was very excited to tell the officers that it had already been paid. She smiled when they asked and said that the person didn’t want to be identified. Unfortunately for the stranger, these police officers are also detectives and are trained to see more than others would…8.8a10

She smiled, and I called this a clue that she knew who you were. The only thing I was able to determine was that you were also an employee of the restaurant but were there on your own time. So in this we just want to thank you for the very kind gesture of buying our lunch today. We were told you wanted to pay for our meal to show your support for Law Enforcement and WE VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT! So thank you sir and I hope I run into you again so I can thank you properly in person.”

We hope that they get to thank the mystery diner in person 🙂

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