The “Junk Closet” Was A DISASTER Area…But For Less Than $20, She Transformed It!

This was the space in her home – much like spaces we all keep – that she hoped no guest would ever be curious enough to open. It housed displaced knick-knacks, stray linens, and random junk that didn’t have a specific place anywhere else. It became a “dumping ground” conveniently located in the hallway, and eventually…she had enough. She took a “before” picture, and after her simple renovation, it is hardly recognizable at all! 8.30a15She went to her local dollar shop to see what they had to offer. There were a lot of options to choose from, and if she wasn’t careful, the closet would look just as messy as it did when she started. The key to keeping the closet neat and tidy, she says, is to choose containers in the same color. The space will look a little more “upscale and pulled together.” She decided to go with the color blue…mostly because it was the only option.8.30a16She also found adorable chalkboard labels and purchased a handful to label her buckets. She used a chalk pen from the Target dollar spot to label them. Having a specific place for each item will make it less likely to end up tossed into the wrong place…and she’d end up with a “junk space” all over again.8.30a17The smartest idea for this closet was to paint it white! The dark wood gave the closet a cramped, cluttered feel, but as soon as she painted it white? It was unrecognizable! Do you have a space in your home that could use a makeover like this? I’ve got two…time to get to work! See more details on this project here.


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