The Inside Of This House Is Just As Magical As The Outside! A Tiny Home Fit For A (Sea) King!

The “tiny house” movement is a popular one. For a fraction of the cost of a full-sized house, you can live in an extremely efficient space that meets your every need…well, aside from the need to potentially host a party with more than 5 guests. They are easy to maintain, fun to design, and some of them can even be made mobile! They are quickly becoming a favorite among people who don’t want to invest in a large home. And for designers? They are making dreams come true!This tiny home is shaped like a seashell. While it isn’t mobile, it is one of the most unique tiny houses out there.It’s got an indoor garden, lots of seating options, and a cozy bed with plenty of storage space!The shower is strongly reminiscent of a wave in the ocean, and the reflective stones embedded in the walls gives this room a fun texture.A sink has a window into another “room,” and a skylight lets in natural light from above! Of course, there is more storage space in that unused alcove.The use of water and reflective stones makes you feel like you are living under the sea! It IS a seashell after all…Unlike other tiny houses, this one makes room for guests! They have to enter one-by-one, but after they have arrived, there is a cozy space just for them!I don’t know if I would live here, but it does seem like a fun thing to have in the backyard! The Party Shell? I’m not good with nicknames, but I like it! The artist calls it “The Nautilus.” What do you think?

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