The “Ice Creamcycle Dude” In Buffalo Has An Awesome Method For Selling Ice Cream To The Kids!

James Karagiannis owns five cycles that travel through the city of Buffalo. They visit the disadvantaged neighborhoods and sell ice cream for a single dollar…but he knows that some families just aren’t able to afford the frozen treats, especially if they happen to have more than one child. So, to give them a chance to earn a delicious dessert, he has come up with a way to not only hand out free treats, but to also help kids learn!7.19a2

In exchange for giving him the correct answer to a history or math question, the kids can earn themselves a free ice cream. It started when he realized how sad some of the kids became when their parents weren’t able to afford the cold treats on a hot day. Having to say “no” to their disappointed faces was just too much.

He began carrying “freebies” to give out – little samples of ice cream – if the kids could answer a question about history or a short equation about math. When his actions hit social media, he set up a fund to allow people to send in donations that would be used to keep more of these free treats on hand for the kids who couldn’t purchase the snacks on their own. The people who did donate would receive a hand-written thank you card from one of the children who participated.7.19a1

He expected somewhere around $500 would eventually meet his goal…but was stunned with strangers around the country poured in over $6,000! That’s a lot of ice cream!

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