The Hurricane Came Faster Than Manatees Could Escape, But Brave People Stepped In To Help

When Michael Sechler went outside to see the bay in Manatee County, Florida, he wasn’t sure what he was expecting. He spotted something off and went out to investigate…but he didn’t realize just how serious the situation had become.

He and two friends were out to survey the aftermath of the hurricane but quickly realized that the shapes in the distance were actually large manatees that had gotten stranded when the waters receded faster than they could swim out of harm’s way. The men tried to move them, but as they weighed in at over 500 pounds, there wasn’t much they could do on their own. The animals were stuck in muddy water, and one of them was having trouble breathing.

They called around for help, and eventually were able to find people to help. They rolled the manatees onto tarps and dragged them out towards deeper water. Both animals were able to swim away to live another day!

Other animals were stranded on the shores, but for these two lucky manatees, help wasn’t too far out of reach.

It was tough work, but they got it done, and the story warmed a lot of hearts!

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