The HELPFUL Reason For That Strange Loop Is Something Everyone Should Know!

Many people put off grocery shopping for as long as possible. It’s a chore that can take up several hours of our day, and if you’re shopping with children? You can mark off an entire afternoon from loading the kids into the car, to unloading and organizing the groceries in the pantry. As a result, our carts can get filled so quickly some families end up filling two. But there are a few clever conveniences hidden in your shopping cart, and if you didn’t know about them before, get ready for your life to change forever!

…well, for your shopping trip to be a bit less aggravating, at the very least…

These are the loops we’re talking about. They aren’t for decoration and they aren’t a musical instrument for your toddler (contrary to the popular belief of all toddlers that have ever gone shopping.)7.15a15By saving your shopping to the last minute, you’ve got a cart filled with heavy cans, freezing meats, hard bottles, sharp boxes, and thick bags of flour and sugar. If you’ve got a kid, you can’t put delicate items like eggs and bread and fruits into the “child’s seat,” and that is where these loops come in handy.

Instead of trying to balance the bags on top of everything else where they are most likely to fall…

Hook the bags onto the loops. They’ll stay attached to the cart and above the heavy, cold, pointy objects that could damage the produce before you get home.

Since they are on top of everything, it serves as an easy reminder to put the eggs and bread in the front seat for safety! Don’t you feel smarter already?

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