The Heartbreaking Reason His Labrador Leaves Half Of Her Food In Her Bowl? TEARS!

Easton Dufur, a filmmaker, tweeted this heartbreaking photograph one weekend and had people around the world in tears.

Dufur had two labs, Stitch and Cookie, and they were very close. Ever since she was a puppy, Cookie was taught by Stitch to leave half of the food in her bowl so that they could both have enough to eat. Dufur began putting more food into the bowl so that each dog could have a full meal while still “sharing.”

Recently, Stitch passed away. He began leaving less food in the bowl to accommodate the appetite of a single dog…but when he went downstairs to see if Cookie had eaten her dinner, his heart broke.

She had left half of her food in the bowl so that Stitch would have some dinner when he returned home.Many people were wondering why the two dogs never had their own separate bowls, but there isn’t any news on that yet. Maybe the dogs were best friends and didn’t mind. Maybe they just liked to share.

The reason this was so sad? Cookie and Stitch had been together for over a decade. Cookie had lost her best friend, and now they had evidence of the fact that she was actively missing Stitch.

Dufur promises that they are giving Cookie the extra love and care that she needs to stay happy and active. And he plans to add a little extra food into her bowl to make sure that she eats enough – even if she leaves half of it from now on.

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