The Hardest-Working Man In Scotland Has 20 Jobs And No Plans To Retire

Billy Muir is known throughout his community as a guy who just won’t quit. He’s been manning the lighthouse for 43 years, volunteering as a fireman at North Ronaldsay airfield  for 11 years, and a member of the Scottish Fire and Rescue team for 33 years. He’s been a contractor on the island for as long as he can remember, and works with everyone when it comes to herding the sheep on the shoreline. He works as a tour guide, an electrician, and a garbage collector.

He contributes to the ageing community in every way that he can.

He also has no plans to retire. As long as he is physically able to do the work, he doesn’t see a point in stopping now. At 67, most people have either retired or are thinking of retiring…but Muir just isn’t ready.

It makes me happy.” He says.


His wife Isobel, 76, appreciates that he does so much for their community…but also admits that she would like him to be doing more work at home instead! Reflecting on the topic, she admits that she has wondered what would have happened to the island if her husband wasn’t working so hard at every job that came across his path.

For all of his hard work, he was honored with a “Pride of Britain” award, recognizing his volunteer efforts and countless jobs to keep his community running smoothly.


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