The Girl In The McDonald’s Drive Thru Asked A Strange Question: “Would You Like A Song With That?”

Karen Forester was going through the drive thru at her local McDonald’s to pick up a few gift cards. She wasn’t sure if she could purchase gift cards at the drive thru, but thought that she’d ask because there weren’t any parking spots left in the restaurant’s tiny lot. When it was finally her turn, she asked the voice on the other end of the speaker for two gift cards, hoping they could do it.

Yes ma’am!” The cheery voice piped up through the speaker. “Would you like a song with that?”

Forester was confused for a moment. “A song? Really?” Thinking that this was a prank (and secretly hoping that she really was about to get a song with her order!) “Yes! I’d love a song!”

Really?! Nobody ever says yes!”

Forester didn’t see anything strange with the request. The line was long, and they’d be sitting there for a while as orders got filled. It was probably how the girl got through her long day, after all. Working a customer service job can be demanding, so bringing a bit of happiness into each day seemed a good way to pass the time.

“I’m saying yes. Please sing for me, girl in the speaker! The gift cards are an anniversary gift, it that helps!”

Oh my goodness, the pressure…the pressure! It has to be good. What do I sing? What do I sing?!” She was so excited and began singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”8.11a7

Forester asked to take a picture of the happy girl and posted the story on Facebook, where thousands of people have shared it! The world needs more girls like her!

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