The Future Is Here…And It Will Make Your Evening Drinks For You In Just Seconds!

At the end of a hard day, many people enjoy a good drink before dinner. As a way to unwind, mingle with friends, or just sip a nice beverage, its no wonder that someone eventually found a way to simplify the entire process. While we may enjoy a cold, delightful drink…we don’t always want to have to go to a bar or make it ourselves. That is where Sombar comes in.7.18a13

Basically, the machine is a bartender for your kitchen.

So, how does it work? On each side of the rather large machine, 3 refillable containers hold whatever juices, liquors, or…well, anything really! They can be chilled in the fridge, or you can have the machine pour the mixture over a cup of ice.

Using a smartphone app, you tell the machine what juices and liquors you have put in each container. Then, using magic science, the app gives you different options that the machine can make for you. Choose the strength and volume, while you’re at it! If you find one that you like, the app will suggest ingredients to place inside of the removable containers.7.18a14

The inventors claim that the machine can create up to 300 cocktails. That can be made in 10 seconds. Holy martini, Batman!

However, this automatic bartender from the future will run you around $430, so they might not be flying off of the shelves just yet…but it’s a neat idea, and other inventors are sure to take the idea and run with it!

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