The EXPENSIVE Reason You Should ALWAYS Check Out Of Your Hotel In Person!

At the end of their vacation in the Sonesta Resort in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, one couple received a staggering bill consisting of thousands of dollars of food, drinks, spa services, and other amenities that they had never ordered for three days after they’d left. The total charges? $2,180!

The scam had been pulled before, and police recognized the pattern fairly easily. A man snuck into their hotel room after they left and was able to convince the hotel staff that he had been a part of their “party” all along. He then stayed in the hotel for another three days and lived large on their credit before being found out.

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He confessed to having pulled the scam before when police discovered multiple room keys in his belongings.

In the state of South Carolina, his scam came with a hefty fine of $1,000 and a possible stay in jail of six months. The official charge?

obtaining food, lodging, or other [services], or accommodation at any hotel, motel, inn, boarding, or rooming house, campground, cafĂ©, or restaurant and intentionally [absconding] without paying for it.”

Con artists frequently live beyond their means by pulling scams like this on tourists and travelers! The next time you take a vacation, remember to check out in person before heading out!

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