The Evolution Of The Engagement Ring Is Surprisingly Accurate! Did YOURS Match The Decade? Too Cool!

For the past 100 years, receiving a diamond engagement ring has been popular proposal ritual! While it expressed a man’s intentions towards his lady love, it was also a fashion statement. Showing off that diamond was almost as important as who gave it, for some! Though the engagement ring has remained focused on a diamond as the preferred stone, the styles surrounding them have been wildly different!

If you have received one, was it accurate for your decade, or do you think these trends need a little more tweaking?


Simple, elegant, and gold. Classic, and still popular today!


Bold, bright, and loud, this style reflected the attitude at the time!

An engagement ring was a statement piece, and you couldn’t miss this one!


The bases of the rings became the focus, instead. They still hadn’t lost their bold designs. 35.g51950

Gold was the metal of choice! They were bold and bright!

Square diamonds were popular, and the band slimmed down in this decade.35.g71970

The marquis cut made itself popular, along with large bands and intricate designs.35.g81980

White gold and a round shape were all the rage in this decade!

A princess cut was popular, as was the 3-stone design.35.g102000

The bands were as bright as the stones! Many diamonds lined the band in this decade.

Breaking away from tradition, canary diamonds, halos, and custom designs are a favorite! 35.g12

Based on the current trends, where do you think the engagement ring will be in the next ten years? They sure have changed a lot! Do you have a favorite decade? I’m partial to the 1910s! It’s just so classic.

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