The Entire Restaurant Was STARING At Them Because Of Their Religion…And He NEVER Expected This Treatment When It Came Time For Their Bill!!

Judgment comes in all shapes and forms. Usually, it’s just curious stares when you’re out in public. Maybe a little bit of eye-rolling or a muttered comment when someone doesn’t agree with what someone else is doing. Sometimes they might confront them about whatever it is they don’t approve of, but usually the judgment is silent.

Eslam was a little worried about going to dinner with his family. They were visiting for Christmas in the South and decided to go to a restaurant…when this happened, he HAD to post it to Facebook!


Whoever this lovely person was, they made this family very happy to have gone out in public to have a meal together! During the holiday season, emotions tend to run higher than normal. People get anxious about being surrounded by family, traffic is heavier, stores are more crowded, and with so many people taking vacation from work, things are bound to get a little crazy! Eslam was touched at the kindness of a complete stranger, and even though they had felt the stares of other patrons, this act of kindness made them feel less scrutiny just for being out and about during the holidays. Remember to pay it forward! You never know whose life you will touch!

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