The Entire Restaurant Was Angry With This Server. What This Couple Wrote On Their Bill SHOCKED Him!

Going out to eat is supposed to be a fun and special treat. I usually only go out for special occasions, and it’s disappointing when I’ve hired a sitter and gone out…only to have a bad experience. Have you been to a restaurant and waited over an hour for your food? Maybe you waited an extra 10 minutes just to close out your check after dinner, and there wasn’t a to-go box in sight. Your drinks need to be refilled and the server was nowhere to be found. We’ve all had experiences like this. When this couple found themselves getting some pretty terrible service, they decided to post about it on Facebook…but THIS was unexpected!


This is so amazing! I can’t even count the number of times a table left me “$0.00” as a tip because the restaurant was crowded and the management hadn’t hired enough staff! This server was clearly trying his best, and even though their meal experience had been less than ideal, they recognized the situation and decided to help this guy out. Too many people focus on only the negative things in life. It’s important to step back and look at the bigger picture when life isn’t going as we planned. This couple did an amazing thing, and I really appreciate what they did for that poor guy just trying to earn a living! This is such a great story!

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