The Elderly Woman Didn’t Have Money For Her Groceries, So The Cashier Decided To Make Her Day!

When someone doesn’t have enough cash to cover their purchases, they usually end up having to put things back. It can be embarrassing, but it usually can’t be avoided. Since taxes are tacked on at the end, most people have no idea what the actual total will be and sometimes end up going without important items because of it.

This girl is a cashier at Marsh on Kentucky Ave, her name is Janell.”
9-30a15An elderly woman came through her line, did not have enough money. This young lady took money out of her own pocket and paid half of her bill. Please share and let everyone know our youth is not a lost cause. I was proud to have witnessed it, Marsh should be proud to have her as an employee.”

She didn’t care about the store’s policy or who might have a problem with her actions. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she didn’t help the woman who was in need. One man witnessed her kind actions and just couldn’t let it go unnoticed. He shared the story on Facebook and ended up inspiring thousands of people! Many agreed that Janell had done the right thing, and that the store should definitely reward her for her kindness to its customers.


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