The Did Something Kind Without Thinking…And It EXPLODED In A Way That They Never Expected!

It only takes two people to start a trend. Obviously, the first person to start it, and predictably, the second person to follow along. That’s how the theory of “pay it forward” functions. It can’t be done with just one person alone. When we band together and actively try to make the world a better place, we remind each other what it means to be human. These people weren’t expecting anything other than a day at the fair, but all it took was one kind soul to completely change their experience!

My husband and I had been sitting in a parking line for more than 10 minutes trying to get into a local fair when, I discovered I was in the wrong lane, and nearly to the gate!

My husband waved to the van next to us. The woman driving, who I could see had several children with her, seamed happy to let us pull in front her after we asked if we may. I was so excited to not have to ‘go around and wait’ again, I decided to pay for her parking.

After paying, we parked, and entered the fair, not giving it another thought. Until, some minutes later, when a small horde of people approached us to profusely thank us for our generosity.

Apparently they had been looking for us, just to thank us, and for such a small gesture. It choked me up quite a bit; after all, she was the one who had started the ‘generosity’.

That touching event has stayed with me all this time. To this day, it still amazes and thrills me that a tiny gesture could cause a ‘cascade’ of warmth and unselfish kindness.

If this is the result of a small gesture, what might a ‘medium’ gesture initiate?

How sweet! They will never know for sure, but each and every person who had their parking paid for may have gone out the next day and done something equally generous! That’s the beauty of anonymous kindness. It never truly stops, and the effects may last longer than anyone ever thought possible!

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