The Decided To Recreate This Photograph For One Heartbreaking Reason…It’s Too Cute AND Too Sad!

The Dobbie family from Australia were devastated to learn that their family pet, Tigger, was scheduled to be put down. He was old and tired and had lived a long, full, happy life…but it was time to say goodbye! The sisters knew that they wanted to do something special to commemorate his life in a way that would highlight their best memories. And then they thought of the perfect idea!


My sisters and I were gathered around sharing our memories and photos of Tigger when he was a pup while we were waiting for the vet to come to our house to put him to rest,” she told Good Morning America. “We came across this photo, which we probably haven’t seen in a good seven-plus years, and my sister, Samantha, suggested we re-create the photo.”

Louise Dobbie says, remembering the day that they first took the photograph.


Immediately we were rummaging through clothes trying to find the right attire to do so. It was definitely a happy and jovial event and we knew the sentimental value the photo would serve for us before it was even completed.”

And they took the picture, remembering all of the good times that they had enjoyed with their beloved pet some 15 years ago. Time moves too quickly for some, and too slowly for others. For the Dobbie sisters, those 15 years with their lovable pup seemed to fly by! They cherished and loved him until the very end, and with this last photograph, they memorialize his memory for years to come!


Such a sweet face is definitely deserving of the care and adoration his humans gave to him! He will be missed sorely, but the sisters will always have this one last picture to remember their loyal family dog for the rest of their lives!

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