The Cutest And Craziest Corgi Mixes Are The BEST For Cuddling! Look How CUTE!

Who doesn’t love an adorable Corgi? They’ve taken over the internet as of the past few years. Their short little legs, fluffy little rumps, and cute little snouts are enough to melt even the toughest of hearts! And it turns out that Corgi mixes are equally as precious! Just take a look at these precious little pups and get ready to “awwww” in adoration!
Check out this precious Corgi mixed with a Dalmation!A Corgi mixed with a Pug is a special kind of cute!…what about a Corgi mixed with an Australian Shepherd?!…or a Corgi mixed with a German Shepherd!A vicious Rottweiler isn’t so scary when its only a few inches high! Hello, buddy!Who doesn’t love a pint-sized cuddly pooch? These mixes are basically Corgi’s with different colored coats. And we love them all!

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