The Cops Were Walking Up To This Man Lying On The Ground…

Courtney Rocho was in her car when she spotted a police car stopped on the side of the road. She reacted as anyone would when spotting a police vehicle parked near an intersection and slowed down to make sure she wasn’t speeding…but she noticed something that made her stop and snap a few pictures. Near the sidewalk at the intersection, a man in a bright red shirt was lying on the ground. Was he hurt? Why was the cop heading towards the man?

She waited.8.16a16

The cop bent down next to the man and began talking to him. No one can be sure what he said except for the cop and the man himself, but apparently, the man’s current state was concerning to the officer.

There was a lot of traffic, so she wasn’t going anywhere soon…and that’s when the cop did something unexpected.

He brought the man a bag containing a sub sandwich (she could tell because of the logo on the wrapper) and a plastic bag filled with bottled water. The cop wasn’t kicking the man off of the curb. He wasn’t arresting the man for loitering or trespassing or any umber of things that he could have written him a ticket for. He was caring for a citizen in need of a little help on a hot summer’s day, and Courtney caught the entire thing in a few snapshots.8.16a17

The story went viral as people tried to find the mysterious police officer, but for now, we’re just happy that this happened and that Courtney was there to document the exchange.

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