The Constant Fighting Was Ripping Their Family Apart…Until A Brave Teenager Took Matter Into His Own Hands!

A family is a hard thing to maintain for some people. So many different personalities come together, and sometimes the results can be explosive. People change over time and in some cases, it isn’t always for the best. Stress, job loss, and addictions can tear a family apart. If no one works towards fixing it, it can mean the end of everything. 

One child was not willing to let that happen on his watch.

I called 911 on my parents and it was the best decision for our family that I ever made.

My parents would often fight. My dad had a terrible temper and my mom was an alcoholic. Nothing physical ever happened but the verbal abuse between these two was insane. My mom would drink, become incredibly irrational, which would trigger my dad’s temper and the yelling would start.

When I was about 15 I had enough. It was almost midnight and they were screaming at each other through the hallways. I asked them to stop, and they would, for a few minutes, and then my mom would slur something at my dad and the fighting would escalate again.

Well, I decided if they weren’t going to listen to me, then I would call someone who would, and I dialed 911. The police arrived, made sure I was okay, then pulled my parents aside.

The officer that spoke with them was incredible. He asked them if they knew what kind of impact this was having on me that I was willing to call the police.

My parents broke down in tears and apologized profusely. The officer calmed them down, spoke with them a bit more, made sure I was okay and then left. They came into my room, hugged me and apologized. My mom stopped drinking any form of hard liquor from then on. She absolutely refuses to have the stuff in the house. My dad has since learned to better control his temper, but he does let it get to the best of him from time to time.

Instead of blowing up, he leaves the situation, calms down, and returns in a better frame of mind. My parents used to talk about divorce quite often when I was that age, but the topic has never been brought up since that night.

We’re closer than ever and I am incredibly glad I did what I did.

It was a brave thing that he did. He was risking everything to try and save his family, and luckily, it was just the wake-up call that they needed in order to begin healing. He’s also lucky that the policeman that arrived was able to recognize what was happening and didn’t escalate the situation. I’m thankful that everything worked out in the end, but it was a very risky move!

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