The Cleaning Service In His Office Didn’t Clean Places That Weren’t “Front And Center.” They Proved It.

Life in an office can be incredibly dull. Stark white walls, grey cubicles, and sparse decoration (we don’t count that single fake tree in reception) often leads to absolute boredom…and as a result of that boredom, hilarious attempts to make the days bearable again might go a bit too far.

Over the years, employees realized that their office’s cleaning crew didn’t exactly go “above and beyond” when it came to their jobs. The daily trash can emptying and weekly vacuuming was pretty much the most they would do. One thing they never cleaned was the stairwell. Several employees noticed the accumulated garbage in the stairwells, and especially this dead roach.

Likely killed during one of the building’s fumigation efforts, it died in the hallway and was never moved. They noted the day (for reasons which are still unclear) and made a little shrine to their deceased roach buddy. Humorous as it may have been…no one moved the sign after it went up. And the roach is still there. The good news is that no other roaches joined it!

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