The Cashier Was Autistic. One Customer Left THIS On Target’s Facebook Wall!

This post has recently started circulating the internet again, and with good reason! It seems that sometimes, people forget to appreciate the little things in life. A happy moment with your kid in a store or a pleasant interaction with a cashier can brighten anyone’s day, and the ability to share the story with friends and family can make a moment memorable forever! This guy had a really sweet thought while doing his routine shopping, and by sharing it once online, he has immortalized the moment forever, touching the hearts of nearly 1 million┬ápeople – and counting!


Taking a moment to appreciate that a big corporation like Target would hire someone with special needs gives me hope for the future! Just because someone is a little different than the rest of us doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same shot at life. This cashier sounds like he loves his job! He’s happy to have a place to work and people to see everyday! I bet he’s one of their top employees, too. Remember, if you have an experience like this at a store, it’s worth it to sit down and write to the management and let them know how much you appreciate their employees – it can go a lot farther than you’d ever imagine…it may even be shared by a million people!

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