The Cashier Embarrasses An Old Man In Line…But One Customer Was There To Save The Day!

Looking out for the people who need our help is just a part of being a decent member of society. Some people were born without that little voice in their head that tells them when something is probably not appropriate or kind. The cashier in this line was obviously having trouble realizing that what she was doing was extremely hurtful and embarrassing. Okay,¬†maybe¬†she didn’t realize how loudly she had spoken, but a little bit of tact can go a long way in a situation like this!


Thankfully, Walmart responded fairly quickly after this post went VIRAL! They apologized on behalf of the employee and promised to look into the situation…whether or not anything comes of the complaint, one old man went home happy that day with a dozen roses to bring to his wife when he visited her grave. I really feel for this elderly man. He was already having a hard time that day. Remembering his dearly departed wife, driving to the store, finding the perfect dozen roses to bring to her, and visiting her grave to celebrate the years that they had been given…only to be stopped by an inconsiderate cashier who spoke out without thinking! At least this customer was there to save the day! I’m so glad he brought this story to light.

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