The Cashier Caught This Guy Stealing…But Instead Of Confronting Him, Let The Guy’s DATE Do The Dirty Work!

Theft is a large issue, especially now when there are chain stores everywhere. It doesn’t matter what they are stealing, really. People who take things without paying for them make life hard for those of us who work hard for what we have in life because to make up for the losses, companies raise the prices. Inconsiderate people like the boy in this next story are the reason that some people end up losing their jobs when there is a discrepancy in the inventory or a boss who takes the losses out of the monthly bonuses. But this clever (and arguably petty) cashier just wasn’t in the mood to deal with the undisciplined brat. And it’s beautiful.

When I was in college I worked the night shift at a gas station. One night a group of 4 high school kids drove in, and it looked like they were on a double date. They were apparently running on fumes and badly needed gas, but didn’t have much cash between them. They all came in and emptied the change from their pockets onto the counter and came up with $1.12 total. I punch in $1.12 as the pre-pay amount for their gas and the nice girl who was driving was appreciative that I had helped count out the change – there were a lot of pennies.

After this the girls go to use the bathroom while the boys peruse the small store. The aisles are angled towards the register so that I can look down them pretty easily. I see one of the boys clearly take a Snickers bar and place it into his jacket pocket – he made absolutely no attempt to hide this action.

I was about to call him out on it, but remembered that they hadn’t started pumping their gas yet. As they were walking out the door – “have a good night!” – I cleared out the pre-pay amount and typed in $0.59, subtracting the $0.53 that I knew the candy bar cost.

I then waited for the fun.

The nice girl starts pumping her gas and when the pump stopped at $0.59 she looks at me through the glass and raises her hand to make the international gesture for ‘What Did You Just Do.’ I motion for her to come inside and she’s a bit annoyed until I explain that her friend stole a candy bar, so I took the price of the candy bar off of the total amount.

The look of incandescent rage that crossed her face was beautiful! She took that anger back out to the car and opened the passenger door. Even though I couldn’t hear her, I could see her yell animatedly with her hands, and soon she started walking back to the store, candy bar in hand.

She placed the candy bar on the counter and said thank you, I put $0.53 back on the pump. I could see her still yelling at him as she finished pumping the gas and drove off.

What better way to get back at them AND teach them a lesson! Stealing is tacky, and his date was clearly not interested in being with someone who would do such a classless thing as steal from a convenience store! If they really were in high school, I feel a little bit bad for the kid. Those sorts of rumors are so hard to overcome! Good luck getting another date, buddy! I hope that he learned his lesson!

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