The “Canal Street Post-It War” Just Ended In The Best Way Possible!

It started simply with an employee who had an extra pack of post-it notes and a few minutes of free time between projects. A small “Hi” was stuck to a window, facing the street. They couldn’t have predicted that their tiny message would lead to the biggest post-it note war in history.

Soon, many others decided to use their spare post-it notes to the fray, with clever signs and cute pictures, but it was still a quiet affair.

Until social media got wind of it, that is…it exploded!
People decided to take advantage of their art skills and invested in multi-colored post-it notes to create large-scale images on the windows.How about a giant spider man? This guy has some real talent! This must have taken a while! Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen dark red or black post-it notes. I think they may have made their own…Soon, everyone was joining in. One clever office asked everyone to “prom?” And Pac-Man unches away on some dots in a corner.Havas Worldwide, Horizon Media, Cake Group, Biolumina, Harrison and Star, and Getty Images were some of the big name companies who joined into the “war,” but Havas Worldwide stole the show in one epic ending that put the rest of the windows to shame…

With an enormous “Mic Drop.”They ended the show with a huge, coordinated scene of a green hand dropping the mic. The bottom is a little off, but the sentiment is there. It’s a wonder what social media can get people to do!

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